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FemCities Conference 2015

FemCities - networking for gender equality in European cities

Effects of the economic crisis on the employment of women in European cities: Similarities and differences. Courses of action for cities.

The economic crisis affects the employment of women differently than the employment of men. Effects also differ by country. The conference strives to provide a gender impact analysis of macroeconomic effects of the crisis in different European cities on the employment of women. Which are the visible and hidden effects of economic crisis on gender equality policies of cities and employment? In which areas can cities have any influence, what are traps to be avoided and what are effective strategies? What can cities, municipalities and regions do at local level to promote women's equality in employment also during a time of global economic crisis? These questions will be discussed in keynote speeches, panels, and in-depth workshops.

Datum & Zeit

01. Juni 2015 -
02. Juni 2015 ganztägig

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Bis 22.05.2015 unter:

Kostenlos (Reise und Unterkunft tragen die Teilnehmenden selbst)

Palace Hotel Zagreb